About the Winnebago Area Museum

     The Winnebago Area Museum began as an outgrowth of the 1976 Bicentennial celebration for the nation. State Bicentennial monies were available for heritage projects in Minnesota at this time.

     Interested citizens realized there was a need for a museum. They wrote a grant and applied for funding. The group received $4000 that was to be matched. A fundrasising committee was started and the group began planning a museum. The Museum was set up to be an educational source for the prehistoric artifacts and historical material.

     A building located behind the Muir Library was purchased, demolished and a new museum building was planned for the site. The fundraising committee rasied $50,000 for the building fund. Many community members donated time and materials to make the project a reality. Winnebago contractor Burton C. Pettit and his crew constructed the building.

     The community supported this new venture and was very generous with sharing family heirlooms and artifacts to help tell the story of the area. It was in this way the permanent collection was formed.

     The Winnebago Area Museum was dedicated in 1977. After the building had been paid in full, it was sold to the city for $1. The city provided a small budget to the museum that has been tended by a loyal volunteer group for the past 32 years. The community has continued their support with gifted items to the museum throughout the years.

     Several years ago the museum board began seeking a solution for their storage problem. Many avenues were explored. A fund raising campaign was held for construction of a new building, but this proved too expensive when the bids were read.

     The solution to storage and acquiring a Main Street location came about when a light manufacturing set of buildings on Main Street became available for purchase. The museum board purchased the four connected buildings, which included a large basement area. There is no city involvement at this time, and it is a privately held collection with memberships available.

     The display space in these buildings has been renovated and new displays are continually being added. We invite you to visit and Take a Step Back In Time!

The Officers and Board Members

Hazel McCrury – President
Pete Haight - Vice Chair Person
Colette Meidinger – Secretary
Jean Anderson - Treasurer
Mike Doolittle – Board Member
Yvonne Hanks – Board Member
Carol Hill – Board Member
Cliff Marx – Board Member
Herb Pederson – Board Member
Danny Rynearson – Board Member
Bob Toland – Board Member

Winnebago Area Museum Hours:

9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon
Wednesday thru Saturday
1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.
Sunday & Monday:

Tours By Appointment - Contact Us to Schedule Your Tour!

What is the Winnebago Area Museum?


The Winnebago Area Museum Is...
  • ...A collection of Native American Artifacts which tell the stories of the three cultures found along our river, lakes and fields.
  • ...A place for learning. See what happened after the glacier melted. Lift an axe, compare the pottery markings, grind some corn and marvel at the workmanship of the Native Americans.
  • ...A place for remembering. Winnebago was founded in 1856. Old pioneer displays let you see a rope bed. It's a place to see some of the tools our grandparents and great grandparents used every day on the farm or in the kitchen.